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Product Summary

Benjamin Obdyke now offers four options in the Slicker family of rainscreens: Slicker Classic, Slicker MAX, NEW! Slicker HP and Home Slicker Plus Typar.

Slicker Classic (Formerly Home Slicker) – The original rolled rainscreen that provides a continuous space for drainage and drying-eliminating the threat of trapped moisture.

Slicker MAX (Formerly Home Slicker Stone & Stucco) – A rainscreen that includes a filter fabric providing enhanced UV and compression resistance for a variety of siding applications.

Slicker HP (NEW product!) – The first all-in-one moisture management solution to feature a detachable rainscreen and premium housewrap in a single application! The ability to detach the rainscreen from the housewrap without compromising water holdout simplifies installation and allows installers to use preferred flashing methods.

Home Slicker Plus Typar – A rolled rainscreen attached to Typar housewrap that provides a continuous space for drainage and drying in one step.

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