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Dixie-Pacific's Hollow Rafter Pergolas come unassembled in complete kits in two sizes: 8' x 8' or 10' x 10', and feature DuraCast Plain Round or DuraLite Plain Square Fiberglass Column Shafts, Tuscan Pergola Capitals, Tuscan base/plinths, rafters, lintels and more everything you need, including the installation hardware, to create a point of interest like no other.

Dixie-Pacific also offers Solid Rafter Pergola Kits in two standard sizes, 8' and 10'. Both kits are made from high-quality cellular PVC, include a complete installation kit, and come with four 10" Round DuraCast Columns. Both the 8' and 10' kits are available in Standard and Premium sizes. The rafters on the Standard kit are 24" on center, while the rafters on the Premium kit are 12" on center. Special order pergolas (with or without columns), trellises and arbors in custom sizes are also available. Best of all, each Solid Rafter Pergola Kit comes with a 25 year warranty.

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